• A
    • Adelson, Stephanie
      Allen, Faye Judiciary
      Almonacy, Jean Criminal Law
      Am, Onchantho
      Andre, Kimberly Criminal Law
      Armstead, Ralph General Civil
      Augustin, Vanette Family, Immigration & Estate Planning
  • B
    • Bain, Andrew
      Bango Cooper, Tanika
      Barber, Michael Criminal Defense; Education, First Party Property, Personal Injury
      Barber, Bethanie Dependency, Delinquency
      Barrow, Ayana Insurance Defense
      Batts, Bruce Personal Injury & Wrongful Death
      Belorme, Judith
      Blanc, Annie Criminal Law
      Boyce, Anika Personal Injury, Car Accidents, Trucking Accidents
      Bright, Shenele Commerical Litigation, Insurance Defense, Bad Faith, & Employment
      Brooks, Jared Local Government
      Brooks, Christina
      Bryan, Melissa Immigration Law, International Law, Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense
  • C
    • Cacciatore, Dave Criminal Law
      Chandler, Kristan Criminal Law
      Chandler, Adrian Insurance Defense
      Cordner, Tatiana Criminal Law Prosecution
      Corp, Oliver Criminal Law
      Cotton, Kriseanna
      Counts, Clarence Family Law
      Cowans, Keshara
      Cowart, Coravious Dependency
      Crume, Hannah Dependency
  • D
    • Daniels, Millicent Personal Injury, Wrongful Death & Criminal Defense
      Davis, Jasmine
      Desile, Joanne Family, Landlord-tenant; Criminal Law
      Diamond, Phil
      Dozier, Ashley Criminal Law
      Draughn, Oscar
      Dunbar, Ashley Criminal Law
  • E
    • Edwards, Rodney City, County, Local Government Law
      Elam, Melody Insurance Defense
  • G
    • Garcia, Benjamin Personal Injury
      Garel, Alicia Criminal Prosecution
      Glasgow-Colon, Paris
      Goerner, Donna Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy, Personal Injury
      Golding, Alicia
      Griffith, Diamond
      Gutierrez, Daniel Insurance & Civil Litigation
  • H
    • Hall, Tenesia Family Law
      Hall, Anthony Employment Law
      Hamilton, Brittany
      Hammond, Tashanna Criminal Law
      Handy, Tiffany
      Harvey, Lisa
      Haynes, Donna
      Henderson, Donald Family Law, Criminal Law, Hospital Law
      Hippolyte, James
      Horton, Allison
      Hughes, Robert Criminal Law
  • J
    • Jackson, LaShawnda Casualty and Products Liability Defense
      Jackson, Gregory Personal Injury
      Jackson, Billy Criminal Law & Immigration
      Jackson, Natalie Personal Injury & Civil Rights
      Jackson, Courtney
      Jacobs, Gina Workers’ Compensation
      Jamison, Brooke
      Janvier, Suwana
      Jean-Baptiste, Elmire
      Johnson, Roger Civil Litigation & Insurance Defense
      Joyner, Odessia Family, Wills, Landlord-Tenant, Business Transactions
      Joyner, Brittainy Civil Litigation
  • K
    • Keller, Deidre
      Kelly, III, James Wrongful Death/Serious Injury, Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy
      Kennedy Swanson, Kafi Criminal Law
      Kest, Kristopher Family Law
  • L
    • Lawrenson, Bree Criminal Law
      Lawton, Ibrahim Criminal Law
      LeBlanc, Bob
      Lias, Natasha Legal/Accounting Malpractice Defense/Other Civil Defense
      Lloyd, Channa . Personal Injury, Civil Rights, Criminal, Family
      Loper, Jennell
  • M
    • Mathes, Clyde Criminal Defense, Business Law, Personal Injury, Administrative Law, Educational Hearings
      Mayweather, Vernesha Social Security Disability, Personal Injury, Landord/Tenant
      McCausland, Liz Bankrutpcy & Mediation
      McCleave, Shaun
      McClellan, Marquela
      McCorvey, IV, Simp
      McIntyre, Shayla
      Mendez-Catlin, Sean Business, Digital Media Entertainment (including Video Game Law), IP, Criminal Defense
      Michel Jr., Jéan
      Molyneaux, Judeen Criminal Law
      Mompremier, Anna
      Moore, Conti Family and Criminal Defense
      Moore, Janae
      Moorman, Bridget
      Mora, Jeanette Estate Planning, Probate, Guardianship Law
      Morrell, Desmond
      Moses, Jamie Appellate, Insurance Defense
  • N
    • Naghoon, Farhaad Personal Injury
      Nelson, Ashley Personal Injury Litigation
      Nesmith, Brittany Real Estate Licensing
      Newman, Omarosa Manigault
      Newton, Jeffrey City County and Local Government
      Nix, Mikaela
  • O
    • Obiabo, Emmanuela General
  • P
    • Profit, Alisia Adamson Criminal Defense
      Palmer, Kimberly Family and Immigration
      Perkins, Christopher Tax
      Perry, Chantay Criminal Defense
      Pierre, Lacresha Sports Law and Entertainment Law
      Poitier, Valencia First Party Property Litigation
      Polycarpe, Jessica
      Profit, Alisia Adamson Criminal Defense
      Pugh, Vanessa Insurance Defense
  • R
    • Richardson-Jones, Courtney Criminal Law
      Riedler, Josalyn Criminal Law
      Robertson, Lauren
      Robinson, Sydjia First Party
      Rumph, Debi Tenant Defense
      Russell, Tiffany
  • S
    • Saffold, Briana
      Sapp, Brandon Insurance Defense, Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation
      Schrager, Andrew Criminal Law
      Schwartz, Gary Criminal Defense
      Shea, Kathleen Civil Defense
      Smith-Johnson, Alexander Criminal Law
      Stevens-Rogers, Ronalda Insurance
  • T
    • Tanyhill, Michelle Insurance Defense
      Taylor, Marie Criminal Defense
      Taylor, Rebekah Dependency
      Thomas, Jessica Family Law
      Trobradovic, Alen Criminal Law
      Tucker, Tichiena Family Law, Domestic Violence Injunction & Guardian Advocacy
  • W
    • Walker, Chelsea
      Walker, Terryl Personal Injury Defense
      Walton, Roberta Family, Local Government, Housing
      Watson, Tyrone Family Law, Civil Litigation
      Whitaker, Leanne Ryan Criminal Trial Attorney
      White, Keith
      White, Corey Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense
      Whitehead, Esther Criminal, Dependency, Small Accident Claims
      Williams, Natasha Government Practice
      Wilson, Demetrius Criminal Law
      Wilson, Ashley Criminal Law
      Wimp, Edward Workers’ Compensation, Entertainment, Business
      Wish, Carly
      Wright, Drielle
  • Y
    • Young, Devin
      Youmg, Andre Estate Planning, Personal Injury, Probate