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About the Paul C. Perkins Bar Association

The Paul C. Perkins Bar Association (PCPBA), founded in 1981, is a professional organization devoted to actively promoting the advancement of African Americans in the legal profession and diversity within leadership roles in the Central Florida community.

PCPBA also strives to educate the Central Florida African American community about the legal system and promote reform and improvements in the law to aid in the administration of justice.

Our organization is named in honor and memory of Paul C. Perkins, Sr., who served the community of Central Florida as an advocate for civil rights and justice

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President's Message

It is my distinct joy, honor, and happiness to serve as the 2022-2023 President of the Paul C. Perkins Bar Association. As African American lawyers who have served the Central Florida community since 1981, we are standing on the very shoulders of legal giants and trailblazers who have come before us and who have made significant contributions to our community and profession. 

With community at the forefront, my administration will focus on the “Three E’s”: to educate, empower, and expand” — an initiative that I believe will greatly influence the legal, civic, and political landscape of Central Florida and propel us forward as a Bar Association for years to come.

As black attorneys and supporters of black attorneys, we are uniquely equipped with the tools to educate our community and expand the opportunities and rights of citizens in our country. My administration will focus on leading targeted initiatives like economic empowerment, voting rights, racial justice and community policing, gun control, women’s rights, and others to ensure that we serve as a resource for hot button issues that we experience in our profession on a regular basis. 

Additionally, my administration will focus on empowering our members and allies to get active concerning the issues that matter to us most. We will continue to seek valuable feedback from you regarding our progress and provide perks and opportunities like lifetime memberships, unique CLE offerings, clinics, job opportunities, and appreciation mixers to equip you to become even better community leaders and advocates. 

Lastly, we will focus on expanding PCPBA’s presence, reach and influence beyond Central Florida by forging community partnerships, developing major corporate sponsorships and identifying stakeholder opportunities to ensure that we have the support and bandwidth to impact the community beyond the scope of 2022-2023. 

I am elated to serve as the President of this great organization and I look forward to using our power to heighten our impact as we continue to build on the legacy of our predecessors.

Join me this year as we educate, empower and expand together. 


In Service,

Ashley R. Wright, Esq.

President, 2022-2023